September Schedule


Hi All,

Fall has begun!  All yoga programs will be offered in person and Zoom.  Below is a list of all classes.  Please register with the appropriate program for the classes you choose.  The Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday noon classes are all $6 per person per class.  The Evening classes are $9 per person per class.


Monday Noon Stability Ball class  (Studio)(Zoom and In Person)(3 Classes)

Monday 6pm Yoga (Studio)(Zoom and In Person) (3 Classes)

Tuesday 10am Senior Yoga (Fridley CE)(In Person ONLY) This is an ongoing, pay as you go class

Tuesday Noon Yoga (Studio) (Zoom and In Person) (4 Classes)

Tuesday 5:30pm Yoga (Columbia Heights)(Zoom and In Person) (4 Classes)

Tuesday 7:30pm Yoga (Fridley)(Zoom and In Person)(4 Classes)

Wednesday Noon Chi Kung Class (Studio) (Zoom and In Person)(5 Classes)

Wednesday 6pm T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Fridley CE)(In Person ONLY) (5 Classes)

Wednesday 7:30pm T'ai Chi Ch'uan (St Anthony) (In Person ONLY) (93 Classes)Class Sept.-Oct.

Thursday Noon Yoga (Studio)(Zoom and In Person)(5 Classes)

Thursday 4:30pm Yoga (Fridley CE)(Zoom and In Person) (5 Classes)

Thursday 6pm Yoga (Spring Lake Park)(Zoom and In Person) (5 Classes)

Friday 10:30am Gentle Yoga (St Anthony) (Zoom and In Person)(9 Classes)Class runs Sept.-Oct.

Friday Noon Gentle Yoga (Spring Lake Park) (Zoom and In Person)(4 Classes)

Saturday 10am Yoga (Fridley CE) (Zoom and In Person)(3 Classes)


On September 26th and October 3rd I am offering a 2 part Chakra series.  The classes will start at 5pm and be about an hour+ in length.  On the 26th we will talk about the lower Chakras and on the 3rd we will talk about the upper chakras.  Each class will be $10.  I will be posting more information about the class and what exactly chakra are later. 


For any of the Studio Classes you can Pay me directly by any of the following options:

  1. Check (made out to Michael Ledman mailed to 10574 Madison St NE Blaine MN 55434)
  2. Zelle to (USBank or Wells Fargo)
  3. Facebook Messenger (Michael Ledman)
  4. Venmo to @Michael-Ledman-1


If you have any questions, donít hesitate to contact me.

In Peace,

Michael Ledman