September Classes

Hi all,

Fall is approaching and so is returning to the community programs.  At this time Fridley, Spring Lake Park, and Columbia Heights are starting up their programs in September.  The available classes are:


Monday Noon Stability Ball      Studio 9/14 (3wks)

Monday 4:15 Yoga                     Columbia Heights CE 9/14 (3wks)

Monday 6pm Yoga                     Studio 9/14 (3wks)

Monday 7:30pm Tai Chi            Studio 9/21 (ongoing)

Tuesday Noon Yoga                   Studio 9/1 (5wks)

Tuesday 6pm Yoga                    Columbia Heights CE 9/1 (5wks)

Tuesday 7:30pm Yoga              Fridley CE 9/1 (5wks)

Wednesday 6pm Tai Chi          Studio 9/2 (ongoing)

Thursday Noon Yoga                Studio 9/3 (4wks)

Thursday 4:30 Yoga                  Fridley CE 9/3 (4wks)

Thursday 6pm Yoga                  Spring Lake Park CR 9/3 (4wks)

Friday Noon Senior Yoga         Spring Lake Park CR 9/4 (8wks)

Saturday 10am Yoga                Fridley CE 9/5 (4wks)


All classes will be live and Zoom.   So if you donít want to travel out yet, Zoom will continue to be available.  If the numbers are not sufficient to run the class it will be canceled. (An alternate will more than likely become available.)  All of this is subject to change based on Covid-19 and how things are going. 

Please register with the appropriate program or with me for the Studio classes.  For all studio class I will allow 3 people in studio and the rest Zoom.  Please note if the numbers donít look good A WEEK BEFORE the class is to begin, it will be canceled.  This will give me time to set up another option. 

If you have any question feel free to contact me.


In Peace,

Michael Ledman