July Classes

July Classes will see some changes.  Firstly all, the CE programs are choosing to not start in person classes until September, EXCEPT Spring Lake Park Rec.  They would like to start classes up again on July 9th.  The in person protocols will be: 

  1. Participants and instructor must wear masks
  2. Practice social distancing
  3. Though bathrooms will be available, students are encouraged to use their bathroom at home before coming to class.
  4. Door handles and touched items will be sanitized before and after class by the instructor
  5. The instructor will take everyone's temperature as they come in  (using a touchless thermometer)


 They will allow only 9 people in the room.  Others will be able to join the class VIA Zoom.  All SLP registrations will have to go through the Community Rec office. (they have to make sure you know all the stuff)  (763-792-7201 or online)  SLP will get me the name and email addresses of the Zoom participants so I can send them the weekly email invitation to class.


The rest of the program will remain the same as June except I will be adding the option for 4 students to be in person in the studio for the Zoom classes.  I do have some people who donít have the ability to Zoom and I'm going to give them first dibs on the spots.  After that I'll open it up to anyone who wishes to fill the slots.  I will be taking everyone's temperature as they come in. (I have a touchless thermometer)  Students are encouraged to wear masks.  I plan on wearing one BUT if it interferes with the sound of the Zoom class recording that may change. Everything will be sanitized before and after class.  Below is a list of classes that will be offered in July through the Studio.



Monday Noon Stability ball Core Class $6per (4 weeks) $24 total

Monday 6pm Yoga $9per (4 weeks) $36 total

Tuesday Noon Yoga $6per (4 weeks) $24 total

Tuesday 6pm Yoga $9per (4 weeks) $36 total

Thursday Noon Yoga $6per (4 weeks) $24 total

**Thursday 6pm Yoga $9per (4 weeks) $36 total (This will be offered through SLP Rec at their city council building)

Saturday 10am Yoga $9per (3 weeks)  $27 total


If you are interested in participating in any of the Studio programs, please email me the following:


The class (classes) you want to participate in

Cell Phone #

Email address


You may pay by any of the following;

  1. Check (made out to Michael Ledman mailed to 10574 Madison St NE Blaine MN 55434)
  2. Zelle to mledman@moving-chi.com (USBank or Wells Fargo)
  3. Facebook Messenger (Michael Ledman)
  4. Venmo to @Michael-Ledman-1


If you have any other questions please let me know.

In Peace,

Michael Ledman